1 Introduction

The purpose of this tome is for the reader to learn the Java programming language thoroughly. The tome on Java has also been developed to act as a brilliant reference guide for anyone who already know Java, but has misplaced some minor information about it in the clever mind of theirs.


Java is a concurrent, class-based, object-oriented general-purpose programming language, with the goal of being as independent of implementation dependencies as possible. The main idea behind Java is for it to be WORA, an abbreviation created by Sun Microsystems to serve as a slogan for the language’s high portability.

In the beginning, there was James Gosling, Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton initiating the Java project in June 1991. Initially Java was intended for use in interactive television, but it turned out the language was too advanced to be used within that field. At first, Java was developed under Oak, named after an oak tree that stood outside of Gosling’s office. The project’s name was later changed to Green and finally were to be known as Java: with its name being derived from that of Java coffee.

This tome

Should your goal in mind be learning Java from scratch, there’s a way in which this entire tome is supposed to be read.

  • Start off by reading through chapter one. Chapter one contains information about getting started with Java development, as well as some basic information about things that will be gone over more in-depth at later stages.
  • Once you reach chapter two of this tome, read through one section at a time and look out for anything saying you’re eligible for a tutorial. Tutorials are located under chapter three, but are supposed to be read once you’ve grasped enough of the syntax required for them.
  • Do your best at doing the exercises located inside the section’s under chapter two, as these will prove immensely helpful in remembering all the things you’ve learnt during that section.

Do make sure not to consume too much information about different things simultaneously, as you’re highly prone to forgetting all the things that you’ve read. Programming is supposed to be learnt thoroughly, otherwise it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to use it on your own anytime soon.


Java is a language favored by many developers up to this day due to its excellence in portability. This is due to the Java Virtual Machine, which makes it able for any program to run on any system, as long as that system has the Java Virtual Machine on it. Your programs are compiled into Java bytecode, which can in turn be run on the Java Virtual Machine.