2 Learn Rust

This chapter contains all the information necessary to learn the Rust programming language. Each section will go over a new feature contained by the language.

You start by reading through the first section—continute on to the next one—repeating this process, untill any message tells you otherwise. Such messages usually states that you’re eligible for a tutorial.


Every once in a while at the end of a section, there will be a message saying you’re eligible to learn from a tutorial. Tutorials are located under the third chapter and show you how to create full-fledged Rust programs.


Do make sure not to read too many sections over one sitting, as there is a great chance you will not remember all that has been brought up. One of the best ways to learn any new programming language is by reading through a section or two a day, then attempting to create smaller applications with what you have learned.

As long as you follow the guided process, you’re bound to learn Rust in a very short time! Should you be here for the reference, feel free to dive into the table of contents as you see fit.